FPD International

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Attendees Report

Attendees Oct. 21
Oct. 22
Oct. 23
Oct. 24
Oct. 25
Exhibition (A) - - 4,798 5,470 6,566 16,834
Conference (B) - 1,345 2,292 2,575 2,955 9,336
Total (A+B) - 1,356 7,090 8,045 9,521 26,170

In order to solve social problems that cities are facing, people, information, and businesses from all over the world gather and discuss

The subject of Smart City Week 2013: °»City Innovation°…

Smart cities, which have been steered by local governments and companies, are in the process of moving from the experimental stage to the stage of social implementation. Many residents are coming to be involved in smart cities, and citizens, local governments, and companies alike are required to undergo a major change of attitude unbound by conventional wisdom. This development is called °»city innovation.°… In order to overcome the present situation in which, while the issues facing cities are increasing, the funds and human resources required to solve them are lacking, it is essential to reform attitudes and systems and engage citizens and companies in tackling problems under the leadership of local governments.

At Smart City Week 2013, we will offer a variety of programs drawing in a wide range of stakeholders with the aim of fleshing out the specifics of city innovation. In addition to the conventional players and technologies involved in community building, Smart City Week 2013 will bring together new players, technologies, and services in order to stimulate city innovation. We hope you will make use of this forum to create business opportunities.

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